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Do you like to spy on other people? When i was young I always loved to spy on my sister when she was in her room. I would creep up to her door and press my eye right up against her keyhole. Most of the time I did not really get to see very much, but that did not stop me. The few moments when I would be able to catch a glimpse of what secrect girl-stuff she was doing made the hours of waiting worth it.

By the time I started college, spying on unsuspecting women had gotten so much easier. Thanks to a part time job I was able to afford decent binoculars - and quite a few girls did not close the blinds or curtains of their rooms when they were changing. Nowadays miniature spy cameras are cheap and widely availeable, making it even easier to spy on unsuspecting women.

On these here pages I have listed a few of my favorite sites on the web. I have shot voyeur pictures and hidden camera videos for several of these websites, and will continue to do so. So enjoy the free samples you can find here, and if you like what you see consider joining one of these fine sites. You won't regret it!

Taking Pictures at the Beach

The beaches of Europe and Latin America are some of my favorite places to shoot. In both of these locations there is less of an inhibition about the human body, making it much easier to capture topless or full nude women on film.

There are quite a few sites out there specialicing in semi nude and fully nude beach pictures. As part of my work I have had the oppertunity to take a peek inside many of these sites. Some are extremely well run, while others tend to be less worthwhile. I have found that the following sites have consistently delivered outstanding quality beach pictures and videos:

I Love The Beach Topless Girl walking along the beach
With topless beach pictures and nude beach videos, this site really delivers. Most of the girls on this site were "caught" on the French Riviera, where topless sunbathing is common place, and all-nude girls can be spotted on most days. With over 11,000 beach girl pictures and over 1,000 nude beach bunny videos, I Love The Beach is sure to satisfy.

Beach Candids
Showing mostly pictures and videos of topless beach pictures babes, the quality of both the pictures and video footage is simply amazing. You can tell that whomever took these pictures know what they are doing, and is using top of the line equipment ;-). With a large amount of beach voyeur pictures and candid topless beach videos is plenty at Beach Candids to keep a voyeur entertained.

Voyeur Beach Pictures

Beach Voy
Last but not least on my list of favorite sites is Beach Voy. These guys have made it their mission to bring you nothing but the best in all nude beach photography. They don't care how little the women I spy on might be wearing, unless they are showing everything, they don't want to see it. So if you are looking for a place that has nothing but the best in all nude beach voyeur pictures, then you need to check out Beach Voy.

Candid Beach Pictures